happy 19th birthday Justin.

wow, i can’t believe you’re 19 already. honesly it seems like yesterday you were 15 and making a one time video and saying shawty. it just amazes me that you’ve been through so much already. you’ve sold our msg twice, have 2 books, most followed person on twitter, most googled person, met the president, micheal jacksons family, peformed at the grammys, won 40+ awards, have the biggest fan base, have 8 albums, has collaborated with the biggest names of music and so on. you’ve achieved so much & i’m honestly so proud of you. theres been rumors, and mess ups, and all but you’ve pulled through. i’ve supported you for a good 4 years now, and i still plan to support you in 4 more years time. i’m just so proud of you, kidrauhl. i love you so much. happy birthday baby


so as you guys know justin is 19 and yeah!

18yearoldcanadian » 19andcanadian ! :)